What Is Jabberâ„¢?

Jabber is an open platform for instant messaging and a whole lot more, based on the IETF-approved Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol. Led by the Jabber Software Foundation, the Jabber community is a vibrant, growing presence in the worlds of instant messaging, presence management, and Internet infrastructure.

The possibilities of Jabber technologies are just beginning to be explored. Yet already Jabber's ability to route real-time XML between Point A and Point B has produced not only world-class instant messaging systems, but also a wide range of non-IM applications from financial trading systems and network management applications to news tickers and online gaming. That may be why you're seeing the JabberPowered logo popping up in more and more products and services.

If your product or service uses Jabber technologies, include the JabberPowered logo on your website or product. If you have questions about how to use the logo, click here for guidelines.


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